Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kanoo Shipping wins top trophy in 2013 DSAA Bowling Championship

Mr. Rajeeva Fonseka (left) of Kanoo Shipping receives 1st Place Award in the 2013 DSAA Bowling Championship held at Dubai International Bowling Center

Dubai, UAE: Mr. Rajeeva Fonseka from Kanoo Shipping, won 1st Place against 115 players from 20 different shipping companies in the 2013 DSAA Bowling Championship (Male Category) held at Dubai International Bowling Center on 22nd June 2013.

Kanoo Shipping along with various Shipping Agents and Shipping Lines in Dubai participated in the Bowling Tournament to support one of DSAA’s major objectives to foster and strengthen the relations and cooperation between its members. Apart from this activity, the DSAA also organizes other sports events like Football as one of major events, Cricket and Badminton Tournament, and offers educational classes for this cause.

Dubai Shipping Agents Association (DSAA) is a non-profit organization, not engaged in any commercial activity that provides a platform for the general concern and interest of shipping industry. It is a brainchild of reputable members of the Shipping Agent’s community in Dubai who, with the support of the Director of the Department of Ports & Customs, identified the need for a joint representation of shipping agents doing business in the ports of Dubai.

The 2013 DSAA Bowling Championship was a remarkable success for Kanoo Shipping after Mr. Rajeeva Fonseka, scoring 524 points, brought home the major Championship title for Male Category.

Mr. Fahim Golandaz of Modern Freight Co. (ALMAR Containers) and Mr. Joel of AMI garnered 2nd and 3rd Place with scores of 515 and 447 points respectively.

On the other hand, Ms. Cristin of HMM earned 1st Place for Female Category, with a total score of 385 points. Ms. Irene Penales of Simatec – 2nd Place and Ms. Daisy Alcantara of Goodluck Shippng – 3rd place, each scored 367 and 325 points.

The tournament ended on a peaceful note. Aside from the exciting match that everyone experienced, representatives from Kanoo Shipping along with members of DSAA developed a sense of camaraderie and teamwork which are important contributions in the development of the entire association.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kanoo Machinery recognizes top performers in the 5th Parts Meeting

Kanoo Machinery - Parts Team conducts 5th Parts Meeting in its
Jebel Ali office

Dubai, UAE: Kanoo Machinery honored three outstanding performers for 2012 in the 5th Parts Meeting held on 29th May 2013 in its Jebel Ali new facility. The awards ceremony, recently integrated as part of the program was one of the highlights of the event which gathered team members of the Parts Division from various branches.

This regular meeting aims to address related issues and to discuss group performance and achievements. In addition, it also gives recognition to top performers of the year which contributed a lot in the success and development of Kanoo Machinery.

The 2012 Parts Awards were given to Afroz Mujawar (Parts Supervisor-Abu Dhabi) and Maryam Talib (Customer Service Coordinator-Dubai) consequently.
Afroz Mujawar won the “Parts Employee of the Year 2012”. His key achievements for 2012 were as follows: Sold and liquidated DIG DOG buckets which were non-moving items for many years; achieved maximum growth in Parts sales (34%) and uptrend sales in all franchises; provided trainings/mentoring and contributed a lot in general in building a successful Parts team in Abu Dhabi.

Maryam Talib received an award for her outstanding customer service performance for 2012. She excellently handled heavy load of parts inquiries from customers; provided fast and accurate sending of quotes to customers; at times has sent more than 40 quotations to customers in a single day; ensured that customer queries were timely attended to and responded to without any delay. In general, her performance resulted to increase in overall smooth, efficient and precise production of customer service Parts team in Dubai.
K. Gopinath was also granted with exceptional “Service Award” for his loyalty, commitment and dedication in the service for 35 years. He has been an important constituent in building the Parts team since he joined in 1977.

Mr. Bob Jennings, General Manager of Kanoo Machinery, during his opening speech, presented a Vision for Kanoo Machinery which served as an advice and guidance in realigning plans and future actions. He also mentioned that Parts team has emerged as one of the best teams in Kanoo Machinery Division.

The 5th Parts Meeting concluded with review of actions and results embarked for the year 2012 and discussed upcoming objectives for Kanoo Machinery-Parts Division.