Monday, February 20, 2017

The Kanoo Group holds Annual Fun Day at Mushrif Park

Dubai, UAE: Close to 700 staff members with their families gathered at Mushrif Park, Dubai on 11th February 2017 to celebrate yet another year of fun and laughter for the Annual Kanoo Fun Day.

Members of the senior management of The Kanoo Group, Mr. Mishal Kanoo, Chairman and Ms. Maha Kanoo, General Manager – Marketing, HR & Admin graced the occasion together with Mr. Fahad Kanoo, Executive Director - UAE and Mr. Bob Curtis, CEO – UAE & Oman.
Hercules Trophy, a Belgium-based sports management company was tasked to design and manage this year’s team building games. A total of 56 teams of 7 members each participated in playing 5 different team-building games.

The fun started prior to the event wherein all the staff was encouraged to form their own team, select team members, and design some catchy slogans and taglines for their teams. There was also a prior healthy online completion to the event and the team “United Tuskers” led by Mr. Narayanan K. of Service Accounts won the Coolest Team comfortably. United Tuskers also won the award for 100% prior online completion. The friendly Batter between the various team leaders added to the fun element prior to the event.

The event began with staff coming into the park on company-provided buses and with own cars and registering their teams. After a refreshing round of some welcome drinks and snacks, everyone was tapping to the tunes of Zumba Dance conducted by a professional Zumba trainer. Kids were especially seen enjoying the short dance and exercise.
Various organised games such as Rip Slinger, Minute to Win It, Poly Volley, Disc Golf and French Petanque were each played by competing teams, which have built a sense of camaraderie, fun, teamwork and sportsmanship among players. Team “Magnificent 7” led by Mr. Andre Lopez of Travel emerged as the overall Winner. Team “Immortals” led by Mr. Jackson Pinto landed as First Runner Up and Team “Spartans” led by Mr. Vinay Xavier of Travel as Second Runner Up. Additionally, Team “Zeus”, led by Ms. Zulfika of Shipping walked away with the trophy of Fairest Play.

Ms. Maha Kanoo likewise actively participated in all the games and her presence encouraged other teams to do even better. 
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The day generally concluded on a positive note which was made possible because of the valuable contributions of team leaders, coordinators, transport and ticket coordinators. Finally, Ms. Maha Kanoo handed over the trophies to the winners and thanked everyone for their attendance and group efforts.
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Sunday, February 19, 2017

18th Blood Donation Drive held at The Kanoo Group Bur Dubai HQ

Dubai, UAE:  Over 70 staff members of The Kanoo Group, in collaboration with Blood Donation Center, Latifa Hospital volunteered to give blood during the 18th Kanoo Blood Donation Drive held at The Kanoo Group office in Bur Dubai, from 9:30 am - 1:30 pm on 09th February 2017.

The Kanoo Blood Donation Drive is being held twice a year to highlight The Kanoo Group’s constant commitment to helping raise awareness among employees about the need for safe blood transfusions and its significant role in saving human lives.

As the event organiser every year, Mr Ali Islim, Marketing Manager (UAE & Oman) said, “There is a joy in giving. It gives us immense pleasure to be a part of the blood drive being held at our company. We are excited to see a number of employees who have participated. We are also thankful for Ms Maha Kanoo, Head of Marketing, Admin & HR ─ who was with us during the campaign, and to the Marketing and Property team, who worked together towards the success of our event.”

He added, “The blood donation drive is a way of giving back to the community, to assist in replenishing blood supply at the blood bank and to provide aid to patients who are in urgent need of blood.”
Out of the volunteers, 60 donors were eligible to give blood. The Kanoo Group through the Marketing Team lastly gave each of them a fast-charge Power Bank with the company logo, as a token of appreciation.

Below is the list of donors in the 2017 Blood Donation Campaign:
Abdul Fathah
Abdul Khader
Badriya Ali
Hemant Baheti
Lijo Gilbert
Mohamed Abrar
Mohammed Reyaz Ahmed
Mohammed Yousef
Mudassar Farooq
Rahul Saxena
Rajvinder Singh
Salemm Vayappurath
Shine Mathew
Sreeraman G
Waqar Ahmed
Yasir Majeed Khan
Mohamed Aslam
Rouy Rodrigues

Jericho Cortes
Misbahul Hassan
Mohamed Arafath
Mohamed Haji
Tilu Vargese
Misbahul Hassan

Abdul Nadeem
Iftikhar Uddin
Malien Halangoda
Neena Xavier
Prasanth Pozhath Manghat
V. Paramesha
Vinod Palluveetil
Mirza Abdul

Kalpesh Rathod
Pinaki Raj Regmi
Umesh Kumar

Vipin R. Nath
Roshan R. Menon
Raghu Menon

Ali Islim
Ramesh Varakkoth
Sundar Liwang

Commercial Accounts
Clement Dsouza
Regyath T.A Com

Hussain Bava
Maricar Cerna

The Travel Attaché
Sreehari Venkitachalam

Rowena Capin
Madhav Ravi

Mehdi Jamal

Valentino Reyes

Raghavan Anand

Vanket Raghavan

Chinthaka Rajapaksha

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To comment on the article, send an email to: Michelle Laylo Verzola
PR Executive, The Kanoo Gr

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Ambassador of Chile to the UAE visits The Kanoo Group office in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, UAE: His Excellency Jean-Paul Tarud, Ambassador of Chile to the UAE, paid a courtesy visit to The Kanoo Group office in Abu Dhabi on 8th February 2017. He was warmly welcomed by Mohamed Kanoo, Deputy Chairman of The Kanoo Group.
His Excellency Ambassador Tarud conveyed many interesting facts about Chile such as the longest country in the world from north to south.  Within its borders along the longest coast (4,620 km long) in the west of the South American Continent, there exists a diversity of landscapes from the arid and alien Atacama Desert to the lush greenery of the lakes to the mountainous fjords of the very South skirted by the Andes mountain range along the East. 

He also described the country with 90 active volcanoes, with the world’s highest, the Nevada Ojos del Salado at 6,893m. Chile has 80% of South America’s glaciers and has abundant supplies of very high concentration of Lithium used in batteries that power many things we use every day.  It is also the world’s largest producer of copper. Easter Island, famous for its Moai statues belongs to Chile.  The world’s largest swimming pool, covering 20 acres and containing 260 million litres, is also located at the San Alfonso del Mar resort.

Mr. Kanoo and the Ambassador also discussed possible commercial opportunities in the future.

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